Dolphin System Rental Program 

Designed to help you out during this trying time. 

We understand the struggles you might be facing as a team, including how to run a meet in the midst of a pandemic while keeping your athletes safe; and without breaking the bank on a new timing system.  

As you navigate toward the new normal, trust the leader in aquatic timing and scoring with a tried and true timing system.  The Dolphin Wireless Stopwatch System is an ideal solution for summer swim leagues, as well as virtual meets.  The data is easily shared with the team you are competing with and integrates seamlessly with a number of meet management programs including Hy-Tek, Meet Maestro, and Splash.


Three modes of operation:
Semi-Automatic Timing (Electronic synchronized start/manual stop)
Connect the starter unit to any CTS electronic start system. All watches will start timing with the start system signal. Each watch stops when the lane timer stops it.

Manual synchronized start/manual stop
The official with the starter unit starts all watches in conjunction with the whistle. Each watch stops when the lane timer stops it.

Manual start/manual stop
This mode is used for collecting backup times at major events, and is compliant with all swimming ruling bodies’ (FINA, NCAA, USS, NFHS, YMCA) requirements for backup timing. Lane timers start and stop the watches independently for a fully manual system.

In all three operation modes, finish times are wirelessly transmitted and recorded.


Why choose Dolphin?:

  • Fast, reliable transmission of timing data to 1/100th of a second
  • Reduces the number of volunteers needed on deck to run a meet
  • Portable, and modular - this system gives you 12 watches which can be used as single lane timers, or two timers for a 6-lane pool
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Two rental options,  for a meet ($500) or for the season ($1200) with no annual fee, and an option to purchase at the conclusion of your lease.  

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Reduces the amount of volunteers on deck by eliminating data runners.  All of the timing data is transmitted wirelessly back to the timing table.  

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UL Listed Equipment designed to be used in an aquatic environment, and there is no personal expense to your volunteers (cell phones).  It is also Safe Sport compliant.  

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We are here to help you get your program rolling and look forward to working with you through your season (whatever that may look like).

The rental package is currently available for domestic customers only.


Check out these videos to learn more: